INDU HEALTH RESEARCH FOUNDATION (IHRF) established in 1998, is a Public Charitable Trust funded by Non-Resident Indians dedicated to develop - creafive, pracfical and innovafive solufions to reach the benefits of Medicare to the common man at the right fime and right place.

Set up by NRI’S it is run by experts drawn from various fields of clinical, medicine, business management and public health administrafion.

Organizafion chart
Acfivifies operafional under IHRF -

1) Indu Voluntary Blood Bank (IBB)
We have been awarded as ISO 9001:2000 Blood Bank for collecfion of Blood from voluntary blood donors and supplying safe blood to needy pafients aher proper tesfing.
It was formed with the basic intenfion of providing enough blood for transfusion needs to pafients in emergency all across the state of Gujarat. The Mission statement reads: NO ONE SHOULD DIE BECAUSE OF BLOOD.
Aher years of acfive survey by professional bodies, IBB has eventually found solufions to the acute shortage of Blood in Gujarat. Presently we supply 40000 units of blood every year to all pafients in Central Gujarat.

2) Indu Aphaeresis Centre – Pioneers in Gujarat
Equipped with an automated cell-separator Machine for component preparafion. In aphaeresis blood is withdrawn from a donor or pafient in anficoagulant solufion and separated into components. One (or more) component is retained and the remaining consfituents are returned to the individual. Any one of the components of blood can be removed and the procedures are specified for the component selected. The process of removing the plasma from red cells is termed plasmaphaeresis. Similarly terms are given to the removal of other components, including platelets (plateletpheresis), red cells (erythrocytaphaeresis) or leukocytes (leukaphaeresis). Aphaeresis can be non-therapeufic or therapeufic. It can be done manually or using automated equipment.

3) Thalassemia Centre
There are around 50 pafients suffering from Thalassemia Major in the city of Vadodara. They need one unit of blood every month from their birth fill they live. We provide FREE blood to all those who are poor.

4) Haemophilia centre affiliated to Haemophilia Federafion of India
We provide factors VIII & factor IX for the haemophilic pafients, which would, otherwise sold at very high cost; creafing awareness amongst community by organizing various talks and seminars.

5) Indian partner to CHART ( Center for Health, HIV –AIDS Research & Training) of University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, US.

6) ‘Satva’ – Gujarafi Monthly Magazine on Health
Our publicafion of Health Magazine on monthly basis at Vadodara, having circulafion of 3000 copies every month with about 30,000 readership in Central and South Gujarat. This publicafion contains arficles on Current Health Issues in Gujarafi, which is a regular feature of this magazine.

7) NAT Tesfing Lab – Pioneers in Gujarat
Currently serological Tests like ELISA are being used to screen infecfions like HIV, Hepafifis B or Hepafifis C viruses. Also, ELISA test is indirect test and can miss the infecfions due to its long window period. To make the blood supply safe from these diseases all the blood units are tested now with NAT (Nucleic Acid Tesfing), which is a direct test which significantly shortens “WINDOW PERIOD” and thereby increases safety of donor blood. It ufilizes unique Transcripfion Medicated Amplificafion (TMA) technology to detect mulfiple viruses simultaneously in single tube. The “Target Capture” probes bind RNA/DNA to magnefic packs. This “Target molecules” are amplified in one hour and billion copies are produced. “Dual Kenific Assay” disfinguishes such molecules and indenfifies viruses. This process takes 5 hours fimes and ensures safety against (HIV/HBV/HCV) infecfions.

8) Indu Nursing School
Established since 2010 with the aim to provide highly skilled & competent nursing professionals, the insfitute is approved by INC & GNC having its locafion at Ankodiya, Sevasi-Koyali road, Dist: Vadodara. With a total availability of 40 seats every year; the insfitute is affiliated with –

  • S.S.G Hospital, vadodara,
  • Chiranjivi Hospital,
  • Bhailal Amin General Hospital,
  • Uma Kalpna Nursing Home for clinical experience.
  • Well facilitated Hostel for girls
  • Transport from all corners of Vadodara
  • Well equipped Laboratory
  • Library
  • Computer lab with internet facilifies.

9) Indu Life Express (Mobile Blood Donafion Van)
Introduced first by, Indu Health Research Foundafion Trust in Vadodara. The van is fully Air condifioned & equipped to facilitate five voluntary blood donors at a fime. Voluntary donors’ organisafions have now started coming forward and gefing benefits of such facilifies.

10) Indu Sickle Cell Anaemia Control Program
Our commitment towards serving the under-privileged tribes has helped us procure the Govt. Of Gujarat assisted project namely – ‘Sickle Cell Anaemia screening & Control Program’ for the enfire tribal belts of Vadodara & Panchmahal Districts.

Trustees of "Indu Health Reasearch Foundation Trust"