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From its inception, INDU's Blood Centers was founded on the philosophy of people helping others. Our blood donors may be the heart of INDU's lifeline but another group of "donors" provide the helping hands that enable our organization to operate smoothly and efficiently-our volunteer workers who give their time and talents.

By volunteering at INDU, you can be a part of a lifesaving team. Our volunteers are the key to our success. We offer a wide variety of projects to ensure that volunteers can work on activities that interest them. Some of the available volunteer activities to choose from include:

  • Laboratory Assistance
  • Service Engineer
  • Office Administrative Staff
  • Public Awareness / Relation Staff
  • Branch Promotions
  • Data Entry
  • Special Event Assistance
  • Donor Room Duties and many more

These varied options provide an opportunity to choose an environment where you're most comfortable-whether you work alone, with employees or with the public.

As a volunteer at INDU, you will be contributing an important service to your community. However, many volunteers feel they receive much more than they give. The dedication of our employees and generosity of our blood donors make INDU a very satisfying place to work, both professionally and personally. We are committed to providing high-quality care to our donors and a safe, adequate blood supply for our area residents. It's a rewarding feeling to be able to say, "My efforts help save lives."

Our trust welcome to those volunteer who really want to work for society and involve in social work as our trust involved in many social activities like voluntary blood donation camps, sickle cell control programme , thalassemia center , apharesis center….

We provide them certificates for social activities with credit hours according to their participation in different social activities

Volunteers who donate blood volunteerily for needy patients in our voluntary blood donors are our volunteers of our trust and are encouraged by giving them certificates and blood donor card with their blood group detail.

We are also getting supports from volunteers in organizing voluntary blood donation camp and some volunteers are helpful to use by providing their support to us working with us in our voluntary blood donation camp .we provide them certificate of social activities